CLAIMED is a component library for artificial intelligence, machine learning, \textquotedbl{}extract, transform, load\textquotedbl{} processes and data science. The goal is to enable low-code/no-code rapid prototyping by providing ready-made components for various business domains, supporting various computer languages, working on various data flow editors and running on diverse execution engines. To demonstrate its utility, we constructed a workflow composed exclusively of CLAIMED components. For this purpose, we made use of a publicly available Computed Tomography (CT) scans dataset covidata and created a deep learning model, which is supposed to classify exams as either COVID-19 positive or negative. The pipeline was built with Elyra’s Pipeline Visual Editor, with support for local, Airflow and Kubeflow execution.

Keywords:KubernetesKubeflowJupyterLabElyraKFServingTrustedAIAI ExplainabilityAI FairnessAI Adversarial Robustness