Geophysics is the science of using physical observations of the Earth to infer its inner structure. Generally, this is done with a variety of numerical modeling techniques and inverse problems. The development of new algorithms usually involves copy and pasting of code, which leads to errors and poor code reuse. Fatiando a Terra is a Python library that aims to automate common tasks and unify the modeling pipeline inside of the Python language. This allows users to replace the traditional shell scripting with more versatile and powerful Python scripting. The library can also be used as an API for developing stand-alone programs. Algorithms implemented in Fatiando a Terra can be combined to build upon existing functionality. This flexibility facilitates prototyping of new algorithms and quickly building interactive teaching exercises. In the future, we plan to continuously implement sample problems to help teach geophysics as well as classic and state-of-the-art algorithms.

Keywords:geophysicsmodelinginverse problems